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Holding space for family is a big, BIG deal. Family takes time, patience. Family takes commitment, perseverance. Family takes selflessness to contribute to the greater mission.

It has taken me quite awhile to realize that family also takes me being my healthy self, so that I can give and give and give. As mothers we give so much, I think it’s auto pilot at times. We can go on for days, years not even realizing how much we are depleated, because face it, those treasured faces looking to us are hard to deny.

I took a nap today, and felt slightly guilty. But why? I really needed that nap. I’m holding space for myself, my four kiddos, my husband and I am on-call. Which means I am holding space for my mama client in Butte, MT. She may call me at any given moment and I will be off to navigate the intense energetic space of birth!

The image above is just so beautiful. I love all the directed energy. Mom giving to child, dad giving to mom. The space between them holds so much. I know, from working with Jenah, who lives here in Missoula MT, the breastfeeding journey has not been an easy one. To give and give and love, through constant struggle takes grace. This image is grace. ¬†You can see the love, admiration and I’ll go out on a limb here to say empathy on dad’s face.

I am so glad this time was captured for this family. Everything is so new. All the joy and the challenges. You can look into your images remembering how you weren’t quite sure of yourself but walked the walk despite. You loved with abandon. Yes you cried and here is a moment when all is peace.

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