Mothering. Breastfeeding. Skin

The video begins with the mother’s voice, hold space and listen, imagery to follow. Mothering in skin. First Embrace Photography presents a thoughtful, visual reflection on the journey of motherhood in the skin. #motheringinskin #worldbreastfeedingweek #mothersmatter#missoulamama #missoulamoms #eatingdisorderrecovery #selflove#montanafamily #womensupportingwomen

I can’t do this journey alone. WE can’t do this journey alone. All of us have a different story to tell of the skin. My first reflection- as an example to my client, was me talking of the surrender of skin. I shared with her how I felt touched out. So many little fingers needing me, needing my skin. I didn’t feel as though my skin was my own. I also rejoiced in the pleasure of breastfeeding and the little quirks each one of my children had with my skin during their upbringing.

When Jenah shared back. I could have never imagined what spilled from the audio files. I felt so humbled and honored that she shared her story. So much was edited out for the production and I thought a lot about this. Should I really edit anything out? Instantly my project starting feeling alive in a different way and I wasn’t completely in charge- but it felt right. There were many voices guiding it. I have loved this process and I know that I will return to the footage and create different takes of it. I am not sure if there is one “right” version.


5 thoughts on “Mothering. Breastfeeding. Skin

  1. Katie says:

    I can absolutely relate! I think her reflections of her post-baby body echoed mine with my first baby. It was a SHOCK to my mental state for sure. I wasn’t prepared and it left me with post partum anxiety/baby blues. But I love that she came around and decided to celebrate her body, her skin, and her relationship with her baby by having it documented.

  2. lynettepearsonLynette Pearson says:

    Wow! I just want to say thank you to the mom who shared such raw feelings about her body. Many women feel this way and just keep it hidden inside. I know you know that your baby thinks you are the most rockin hot momma on this planet. What you see in the mirror is a reflection of your body that embraced, nourished and grew your baby. It is not an empty shell but a memory of the legacy of motherhood that lives on in the child you bore who will grow up to be a man and bless you with grandchildren. At my age of 53 I have lived with my body that I felt was never quite good enough until just a few years ago. Now I finally accepted that life matures us and our bodies and I now embrace the stretch marks, the jelly belly and the wider hips that represent the 3 boys that I raised. would never trade it in a million years for the body I would have had if I never experienced the miracle of birth.

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