Mothering in Skin. A new look on the life journey.


I am starting a visual project, that for now, I’m calling Mothering in Skin. I yearn to be amongst mothers, telling the journey of motherhood, the supple skin connection with children that mothers have ( and fathers can have too).  If we think about skin- the beginning of the motherhood journey – where skin is stretched along with the heart – growing the child within, BIRTH- loving with abandon through skin- to skin to skin with baby- the newborn connection, wet nursing nights, clinging sticky skin- where the separation of skin is almost obsolete, then we move to young children and older children- hand holding, nighttime snuggles- I think of dewy/dirty neck snuggles- I think of the elasticity of skin moving away from the mother- being stretched tight to returning to mother – looking for balance and autonomy. There is a sacrifice of skin, on demand gifting of skin. So the journey continues.  If you would like to explore Mothering in Skin with me be in touch.

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  1. Jenny says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring way to explore parenthood and the bond we have with our children. Your work is stunning Jenna and I cannot wait to see more on Mothering In Skin!

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