The Tangible


The tangible. It all comes back to my story. Stories we share, stories that unite us. Childhood memories. The story of family & Love.

I am a mother of four children. Before my first child was born, I was already reading to him. The value placed on reading, shared reading, story telling and story writing are very high within my walls.

Each of my children have all been able to sit and be active listeners from a very young age. I was reading Charlotte’s Web to my three year old. Where the Red Fern Grows to my 5& 7 year old. The Giver to all four kids, over 2 years ago. The ages sitting beside me were: 6, 8, 11, 13.

Sharing stories is powerful and humanely connects us. 

Sharing stories allows for laughter, discussion, root- seeking, joy, resolution, healing.

My children LOVE reading and they LOVE their albums. Albums that are filled with images of family. Images that show me (mom) growing each one inside of me. The kids look with magic in their eyes at these memories. There are so many questions surrounding Birth Days. My children never grow old of hearing some sweet detail of the day they were born. We don’t sit at the computer pulling up file after file, or searching for files to reminisce. We lustily grab the big, thick albums and sit together on the faded sofa.                                                              We turn pages. 

We feel together texture and warmth of fiber and fabrics- are eyes flood with the moments that have been preserved.

This is the behind my business –values that I want to share more honestly and openly over and over again. I want my clients to know that when working with First Embrace Photography they can invest in a product to sit down with, slow time with, create and enjoy connection through.

3 thoughts on “The Tangible

  1. Jenny says:

    As a photographer, I shamefully admit that I have very few printed photos in my home. Part of that is due to a big move into a temporary home so we decided not to decorate much. I had already decided that photos must fill my walls and albums must be available, and then comes this wonderful read. The tangible is so very important and I plan on correcting my naked walls and bookshelves very soon. Thanks for the words Jenna!

  2. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh, my husband and I were *just* talking about this the other day. I am guilty of hard drives and thumb drives and websites filled with photos and very few printed. Guilty as charged. And it needs to change. I love reading your thoughts on photography as a fellow photographer. Your words speak so loudly and are so impactful. Time for me to make space in my time for the tangible. Thank you!

  3. First Embrace Photography- Birth & Story Telling says:

    Thank you for your thoughts Jenny and Katie. I know we get so caught up in the files and thumb drives. There is a place for that as well. I really love the prints I have, the albums and the large wall mounts. I want my clients to think about how they want to share their memories.

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