Missoula Professional Birth Photographer.

When a dad reviews my page, it is the biggest compliment. Dads may see things through a different filter than mom. See birth and babies just a bit differently. And it was a wonderful surprise to hear this Dad’s review-

Jenna did an amazing job capturing the beauty and power of birth.- Joel Patton

Short and to the point. Two words: Beauty & Power. This is it. This Dad was able to see the beauty and power that was captured. My job here is done.

The joy of his daughter’s arrival lingered in his smile for hours following the delivery.

3 thoughts on “Missoula Professional Birth Photographer.

  1. Jenny says:

    Beauty and power perfectly describe the wonder of birth and Jenna, you do an amazing job capturing those moments so they last forever. Congrats to this family!!

  2. Annica says:

    This is so moving…sounds a lot like my hubby – a man of few words, but they are often profound.

  3. Katie says:

    I feel like he “gets it”. His comment is so simple, yet so important. All the heart eyes.

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