I just listened to a short talk by Sue Bryce on the importance of existing in photographs, not for yourself but for those who will be looking for them when you are no longer present!

The short 3 minute video, had me teary!

I really would like to start living by this- EXIST IN PHOTOGRAPHS. It is so easy to always be behind the lens. It is also easy to have hard drives full of images and never look upon them.

I encourage my clients to print, invest in a wall mount, album. Be present, exist in photographs, see yourself, your family in the tangible.


2 thoughts on “#existinphotographs

  1. Katie says:

    Yes!! Sometimes I have to specifically ask my husband to take pictures of me. I really cherish the ones I’m in with my family and kids. I do often wish others around me thought to take photos as often as I do or saw the little opportunities to capture things. Sometimes it means setting my self timer and letting it snap away while I play with the kids. Life of a photographer!

  2. Annica says:

    This is so true!! Especially when it comes to birth photos, I think dwelling in reminders of those pinacle moments in life is so important and beautiful!

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