Missoula Maternity

I have had the honor of photographing some really gorgeous maternity sessions recently here in Missoula. I’m drawing some fans from Butte, Anaconda and transplant Washington mamas! This has been such a joy, stretching my wings in different directions, making these mama connections. Showing mamas just how beautiful they are. Not sexualizing but emphasizing the body, the change that is happening from within.

4 thoughts on “Missoula Maternity

  1. Katie G. says:

    These are so gorgeous. And yes, totally agree– emphasizing the changing bodies of women as they go through the journey of pregnancy. Beautifully done and congrats on spreading your wings!

  2. INGRID says:

    There is nothing more beautiful than a mama growing a human. These are especially lovely captures of such a special time.

  3. laura says:

    “showing mamas how beautiful they are”. mamas always need reminders of how beautiful they are and you have done this so beautifully with these maternity images.

  4. Esther says:

    These are absolutely stunning. Every mama deserves to have a beautiful pregnant belly captured in gorgeous images like these. If I am pregnant again, I definitely want to contact you. 😍

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