Births that take time to share.

Missoula, Montana. 

Family Maternity Center- St. Patrick’s Hospital.

Daylight to night, water then darkness, quiet, then bed, sunrise to cesarean. Strength in numbers, in family and presence. The energy, quite waiting energy. Mama doula, sister doula, doula-doula all working and guiding, loving and thinking. Thinking. Providing a way, a hand.

Amazingly peaceful and brave mama- strong and committed.

Healthy baby.

3 thoughts on “Births that take time to share.

  1. Esther Edith says:

    Jenna, these are so beautiful. I adore your editing style; each photo is a window into the moment, a fragment in time to revisit, and treasure. Wonderful job capturing the emotion, and tenderness. Congrats to this sweet family. <3

  2. INGRID says:

    These are such powerful story-telling images Jenna. Those sweet ones of mom and dad got me right in the heart. What a sweet connection you captured for them to always remember long after the sleepless nights fade.

  3. Katie Mathis says:

    You have quite the eye! Anyone would be lucky to have you as their birth photographer and doula!

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