St. Patrick’s Hospital -baby

In 30 minutes that usually creeps into 60, Family Maternity Center photographers work some magic.

I use all natural light provided by the Family Maternity Center’s gorgeous windows, we crank up the heat in the room, so we are all nice and toasty and the professional work begins.

Parents typically watch closely and coo over the delicate way their child is handled and photographed. ¬†First Embrace Photography aims to capture details and a natural, organic look. I have been ending each session with dad or mom holding the newborn. At first this wasn’t part of the efficient 30 minutes, but it is authentic and mirrors my professional private work in the community.

There is a connection and a story in every newborn and I would like to highlight that. On the first day of life First Embrace Photography starts with what is most important- love and family.

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