Missoula Maternity Photographer. Gorgeous, not cute.

Hello! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jenna Nord. Missoula Maternity Photographer. And of course there is: artist, baker, dancer, wife, mother of 4, nurser, hiker, lake swimmer, tent camper, birther, genuine, talkative once  you get to know me, loyal, loving, emotional, pisces……….

So back to Maternity Photographer. The skinny or full and round of it is…I specialize in beautiful, intimate, romantic, gorgeous maternity photography. I do not do cute. There is plenty of cute out there. But the mamas who choose me choose whimsical and stunning, rich with the feeling of life and family. The mamas who choose to invest in First Embrace Maternity photography are not live out loud, yet live well, and live to connect.  I feel or see them as close talkers and long huggers.

A frayed linen not a perfect bow.

I photograph toes in the creek mamas, yurt yoga mamas, mud puddles and toms shoes teeny size 3 mamas. Maple syrup and butter fingers with a dollop of pb mamas, corgi walks and climb that dirt pile mamas, I love myself and I will soon love you mamas.

A chipped tera cotta bowl, pine needles and pitch.


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