Maternity Rainbow Beauty. First Embrace Photography.

Megan, was extremely brave and lovely to photograph on a rather sunny yet chilly September morning. Just look at the love she’s getting from the rainbow! As a Maternity photographer here in Missoula, I am not interested in creating images that are cute. I am invested in creating images with the mama that are personal, romantic, and show her just how stunning she truly is.

I have the honored privilege of witnessing Megan labor and deliver this baby. I am thrilled to be in the birth space with her, documenting the story of her baby coming earth side. In the car ride I was able to talk all things birth with Megan and I was taken with her educated investment on just how her baby was going to come into this world. Megan will birth at the Birth Center here in Missoula, she has a doula on board, many family members, and myself.

Stay tuned for the Birth Story.

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