True and Honest. Family Photojournalism.

When photographing people, you seek to expose something true and honest about your subject. –jon canlas

I love when parents come to their Presentation Session and while looking at their images say, that is so Leana!  In 3-4 hours so much can happen. Peaceful moments, light filtering through a window softly touching mom’s hand that is caressing a cheeky little girl. Moments of concentration, when a young girl and organizer, meticulously lines up every color of nail polish prepping for the big event.  Giddy moments, when the best thing about waffle breakfast is the BUTTER!  When a family is good to each other it is an easy thing to sense and observe. No one here put on airs.  Now one could look closely at the parents and wonder if all their facial joy was genuine or if it was for the camera, but I know that it was true in the way their daughters behaved and interacted.  Such kindness, thoughtfulness. Asking permission to share, helping one another out.  Young children don’t pretend to be someone their not, just because Mom & Dad have invested in a photographer.  This simple authenticity if priceless. You cannot redo these two girls and this sweet family at another time in history, it would just look and feel different.  Change is life.  You can be in the moment and hold onto it longer with a photograph.

Warmly Jenna


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