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It’s been two amazing weeks since our precious baby made his appearance in this world!  Boy how time flies!! I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate you being at Teagan’s birth. I knew I wanted pictures- but I didn’t realize how special they would be to me. We have not had a chance to view the rest of the collection yet, but I am overjoyed with excitement! And it seems  you read my mind with the crowning photos- I am so excited you were able to get these too!

Basically, I can’t express how special these are to me. You did an amazing job on the special day and I hardly even knew you were there. The times I realized you were there, were never disruptive or intrusive in any way. As you described yourself-you are a wallflower and nearly undetectable.  I cannot say thank you enough.  

Hugs and Baby Love. Kristin, Clayton, & Baby Teagancolorbirth-0343colorbirth-0359colorbirth-0042colorbirth-0269colorbirth-0153colorbirth-0248colorbirth-0180

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