Cesarean Privilege. Missoula Birth Photographer.

Community Medical Center. Missoula Montana.

I felt very familiar with the doors I was about to enter. The double doors. The white, white, bright room. The OR. I am a cesarean mama of four children. I have four stories. I will share them with you, just ask.  Mine are filled with emotion, uncertainty, anxiety, anticipation, surrender, complications, fear, tears, joy, babies.  

I love my stories. 

Birth mama was just glad I could be in the OR documenting this transformative day. Then I was invited to come around to the other side of the curtain by the OB! You can just imagine the goosebumps I got. What a gift to give. I stepped gingerly, was barely breathing.

Quietly baby came, budding into the light.


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  1. First Embrace Photography says:

    Cesarean is just so important to me, to document for mamas. This is an opportunity to give back the Story, for mama to feel more complete about her journey and to heal emotionally from what a cesarean birth possibly takes away.

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