Missoula Birth Photographer. Why?

untitled-0449I am super excited to be sharing. There is such a dance, of holding back, letting go, wearing your heart on your shoulder, being cautious. When we do our true “work” we are really showing our intimate and sometimes vulnerable side; as artists.

I didn’t just pick it up (birth photography) as another niche to fill. Or because someone else in town was doing it.  I was dabbling with landscape work, and portraits. I hadn’t quite found were I belonged.

The vision came to me late one night as I was nursing my last baby girl to sleep. This little one’s arrival into the world was documented. The only one out of four children to have been photographed from the very first moment earth side.

Reflecting on these images ,flooded me with a whirlwind of emotions and a thought that.. I had to share. I had to share this experience with other women.  Other women should have documentation of their births.

For me, it was seeing an experience that in reality I didn’t feel much a part of while it was happening. My babies were all born via cesarean. The images connected me to the experience and gave me an image of what happened when I could not see for myself.  I felt more complete, I felt I had a story and my daughter did too. The images became my memories.

That night I raced to the computer and starting my journey into Birth Photography. Researching who was already doing it locally. I reached out. I reached out to local midwives and doulas. I had coffee dates. I asked questions.

I connected online and had mentoring sessions via phone.  I became part of http://birthphotographers.com. I donated maternity sessions to The Lotus Project http://www.thelotusprojectmt.org. Over the past few years I have collaborated with other birth professionals: Jessica Farnham http://therootsofwellness.com/birth/about-me/, LMT, Dr. Linda Matz, Midwife -Ashley Hinton Sharp, Marisa Wright -CLC and Doula http://www.bitterrootbirth.com, Dr. Scott Wyman OBGYN, Cerisse Allen-Doula http://doula.cerisse.net  and more.  

I am passionate about he the empowering and healing benefits that are possible through my work; birth photography!

The work, the art, the joy, and life goes on.  I am so blessed to be a witness.

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