Missoula Birth Photographer


Why does this moment reflect my work?  There is emotion, and connectedness and no one is looking at the camera.  This is not my moment, AND it reflects my work!

For me, documenting a birth is a privilege. I am honored at each request to document one of the most transformative days of a mom’s/dad’s life.  My tagline during a consult is the same for each mama, ” My role as your professional birth photographer is Wall Flower, this is your day, your baby’s day, I don’t want you to notice me, besides the brief affirming glance I give you or your partner when I enter the room.  I am not in the room to comfort or encourage you, I have no other “hat” to wear except photographer.”

Now, I have been in many a situation, when I have moved a chair out of dad’s way, or handed a towel to the nurse, or shared a smile with a mama between contractions. I am passionate about birth, pregnancy, babies!

And I  wait, patiently, silently, with an overflowing spirit.



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