Missoula Birth Photographer. St. Patrick’s Hospital.

I recently had the amazing privilege of photographing a birth at the new Family Maternity Center. The first choice for birth location was

The Birth Center & Women’s Health Clinic, but due to complications and a need for a hospital birth, my client chose the Family Maternity Center, Missoula.

Birth is unpredictable and within hours all the plans had changed.

And within all that change, as we become flexible, and embrace the unknown….only knowing what we are capable of giving to ourselves and providing for others, beauty in it’s purest form emerges.

That’s right, a beautiful baby girl was born.

I was a witness to a very loving couple so eager to meet their daughter. ┬áHand in hand, continuous communication, care, love and great birth support provided not only by the Family Maternity center but also my client’s original provider and midwife…….the little girl had a passionate entry.

With a gentle suggestion and suggestion taken, mama even reached down and pulled her baby out and onto her chest, words cannot justify this amazing story that unfolded before me.

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