The “Why” Question – {Birth Photography}

Thank you for writing this. Fellow Birth Photographer, Jenna Nord.

“Why on Earth would i want to have a stranger come and photograph me giving birth, ewwww!”

That is the question.

The answer? Well, let me give it to you, right here, right now.

Birth photography isn’t for everyone, that is true, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. And if by the end of reading this post, it isn’t something that appeals to you, then that is perfectly fine. But, if it is something that has got your brain ticking over, something that perhaps you would like to find out more about, then i encourage you to research it more – whether by directly contacting me or using the powers of the internet, explore and research and discover more for yourself.


So to answer the question, lets first actually get a definition of what birth photography is all about. Lets make sure that we are all on the same…

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