Don’t Miss It

So of course you want photos of your newborn baby, all new and squishy and cozy. What about images from the day your baby was welcomed into this world, what about the moment your baby takes his/her first breathe, wouldn’t that be something?  YES! It is something!  A birth story tells so much.  It is a keepsake for you to remember your journey. Your sacrifice, your bravery, your push, your release, your joy. It is a keepsake for your partner to remember through images, their commitment to you and your child, your partner’s intimate, vulnerable side. Your partner’s joy and tears when your baby first cries.  It is a keepsake for your child. Children love hearing their birth story, they love the details. Imagine telling the story while looking through images. Beautiful, striking, raw and soft images of the moment they entered the world.  

This can be yours.  This is an opportunity. This birth of life only happens once.


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