Beautiful Birth Story!



I think the story is best told by the images.


I really couldn’t be more lucky. The mamas who hire me are those who connect with me for a number of reasons and it really shouldn’t be any other way because I am in a very intimate space with them and their families.  The work has to resonate with them, but more than that, I have to resonate with them.  You will see me often post that I am blessed to be a witness. This is a heartfelt statement. I am blessed because I am trusted to do my art, I am valued for the work I do, and I get to witness the beginning of life!

This is what I do. I am there for you. In the space, not in the way. Capturing a story so unique.  This story only happens this precious way once.  Interested in having the memories to cherish for a lifetime….contact me today!

Jenna Nord

First Embrace Photography

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