Considering First Embrace BIRTH Photographer, Jenna Nord

Experience photographing: cesarean birth, hospital birth, home birth, water birth.

Jenna Nord | Primal Feminine Artist


I started my professional business January 2011.  Late one night while nursing my youngest daughter and reminising over the images of her birth a surge of energy came over me and lifted my eyelids open in the dark room.  As soon as I settled Anahla in her bed I raced to the home office and dug into the first of many hours researching birth photography.  I had been photographing a variety of subjects for years and that night I felt I had finally found the niche I wanted to pursue.


  • Photographed home births with SANDHANO Danison -midwife.
  • Photographed birth at The Birth Center & Women’s Health Clinic with Jeanne Hebl as midwife.
  • Member of Birth
  • Studied at Rocky Mountain School of Photography.
  • Have birthed all four of my children at Community Medical Center.
  • Personal experience of having my own birth photographed!
  • I am a…

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