Couple more images added to the Broken project.

Jenna Nord Photography

On December 27th 2013, my 6 year old, Keenan River Nord headed down Blacktail Ski Mountain with confidence.  Keenan has skied the last 3 years prior, but as a side note, we only get out twice a winter.  December 27th would be his first run of the winter.  We were all so excited to be out together as family, feeling the cool wind in our faces and the rush of the downhill adventure.  Half way down the first run, Keenan hit some turbulence.  He was in complete control however.  Keenan was nicely executing the snow plow when he suddenly went over the front of his skis, the skis crossed/tangled behind him, the bindings didn’t release and he ended up with a broken leg.  Tibia Fracture. Broken.  Of course there is so much more to the story, all the agonizing details.  The sled ride to the chair lift, given by Ski…

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